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FFMTT - Elizabeth Omilani

ATLANTA:  Global FFMTT Award Nominee, Elizabeth Omilami is trending.  Elizabeth has been nominated for the 2013 Humanitarian Award in the Global Fashion Film Music Television Theatre & Sports Awards which will be held in Atlanta GA in the USA.  She is the President/CEO of Hosea Feed the Hungry Organization, a humanitarian project based in Atlanta GA, which caters for the needy in society including the hungry and the homeless. Elizabeth is an award-winning actress with over 60 film, television and stage projects on her resume. Her illustrious career consists of appearances in films “Glory Road”, “Madea’s Family Reunion”, “The List”, and “Ray” to name a few. Her stage appearances include “Steel Magnolias”, “A Raisin In the Sun”, “Spunk”, “Jar the Floor”, “Puddin’ & Pete”, and “A Christmas Carol”. Read Elizabeth’s trending story here:


Hollywood: According to CELEBZTER, when fashion designer, author and self-proclaimed “galactic shaman” Aros Crystos was asked on the runway by celebrity judge Bai Ling during fashion week LA why he named his fashion line Galactic Orgasm Designs, Aros replied matter of factly: “Let’s face it; everyone on this planet wants an orgasm.” The audience erupted in embarrassed cheers, with some squirming and crossing their legs visibly in their chairs as if a 3.9 magnitude earthquake had just rolled through West Los Angeles. Aros continued under the cross-examination spotlight on the runway explaining to the audience and fashion judges that “to find that, we must tap into the galactic vibration that truly represents the bliss of an orgasm.”

FFMTT - Galactic Picture

Galactic Orgasm Designs (G.O.D.) has been nominated as BEST FASHION LABEL in the Global Film Fashion Music Television Theatre & Sports Awards which will be held in Atlanta Georgia, in the USA.  The Global FFMTT AWARDS (Global Film Fashion Music Television Theatre & Sport Awards). This prestigious Award ceremony is a gesture of goodwill to celebrate and honor the outstanding contribution of our advocates in the Entertainment and Showbiz industry. The ceremony recognizes and honors the achievements of both well known existing talents and unknown emerging talents, all under one roof. The Global FFMTT Awards are organized by POSITIVE RUNWAY, a voluntary worldwide HIV/AIDS response Campaign that aims to bridge the gap in the global efforts to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. The Campaign works with celebrities from Film, Fashion, Music, Television, Theatre and Sport who in their respective industries help to realize its ideals as influential and special effective advocates in the fight to stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS and other scourges that impact negatively on the 21st century generation. Read more about Galactic Fashion Design on CELEBZTER:




  London:  Global FFMTT Panel Member, Pily Mirazi, who is also Founder/CEO of Spotlight Fashion Models made her debut in reality television when she appeared in the brand new show, “THE ODD COUPLE”, which premiered on the Fitness Channel, Sky 282 on Wednesday, 11th September 2013 at 10.00 p.m.   The four part series sees Pily paired up with Fashion Designer, Sola Cash in “THE ODD COUPLE”.  In the Show, four couples compete with each other at the GI Jane Bootcamp to win the wedding of their dreams!   Originally from South Africa, Pily has been a regular feature in the BIG BROTHER “Bit on the Side” audience.  Pily has also done a documentary with Comedian Frank Boyle and has appeared as an extra in the “Only Way is Essex”.  She is just finished filming “Your Style is in his Hands”, another reality TV show which previously featured Lisa Snowdon from Britain’s Next Top Model.  

Pily and Shola

  In “THE ODD COUPLE”, tears, tantrums and laughter ensue as the couples are put through gruelling challenges, physically and mentally they are pushed to the limits in military style. Each challenge scores points and if the contestants can figure out who the “ODD COUPLE” are, they can add huge bonus points to their score.  To throw a spanner in the works, one of the couples are a fake couple. Not really a couple at all!   “THE ODD COUPLE” is sponsored by Sparkling Jewellery is Hosted by David Van Day and Sue Moxley. The Show is screened every Wednesday at 10.00 p.m. and repeated on Sundays at 8pm starting on 11th September 2013 on The Fitness Channel, Sky 282.